• Sleep Better with SnoozeCovers

    A revolutionary pillowcase featuring a 100% natural cotton jersey eye cover that prevents light from disrupting your sleep

  • Why SnoozeCovers

    Forget Sleep Masks or Blackout Curtains, It's Time for SnoozeCovers

    Total Blackout

    SnoozeCovers feature an extra soft cover you can fold over your eyes to protect your sleep from the light in your bedroom

    Always in Reach

    Just fold it over your eyes when there's light in your bedroom. The eye cover is sewed to the pillowcase and doesn't get lost during the night

    Gentle on Your Skin

    SnoozeCovers premium 100% cotton jersey cover drapes gently on your face and feels smooth on your skin better than any sleep mask. 

  • FAQs

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    How are these different than Sleep Masks?

    SnoozeCovers are designed to be always in reach when you need to protect your sleep from unwanted light in your bedroom. The eye cover is sewed to the pillowcase so when there is unwanted light you can just reach and fold it over your eyes. This is different than sleeping masks, because you don't necessarily need to wear it before you get asleep. There is no right or wrong way to use a SnoozeCover: you can fold it over your eyes when you go to bed to ease you into sleep, or you can fold it only after in the morning, when the sunlight starts to creep into your sleep temple. Also unlike a sleeping mask, if you put it on and then you lose it during your sleep, you can easily put it back on without having to open your eyes. No more scavenger hunts in the middle of the night to find your lost sleep mask under the blankets, SnoozeCovers are always where your pillow is.

    Does it really create 100% blackout?

    It does and it depends on how you fold it over your eyes. Do you want extra light-block? Just fold it on itself twice or three times. Also, the super soft cotton jersey is gentle on your face and you can adapt it to your position or just to make sure that there are no openings under your eyes or over your nose.

    What if I move a lot during my sleep?

    It's ok, SnoozeCovers can still be your best friend! SnoozeCovers create a small "cave" between the top edge of your pillow and the eye cover. Once it's folded over your eyes you can move freely left and right. Unlike sleep masks our eye covers are just gently laying over your eyes, so if you feel that by moving you created an opening for light to filter in, just adjust it over your eyes in any position you sleep in. No need to open your eyes and interrupt your sleep as you do it, just reach with your hand and adapt the super soft jersey cover to cover fully your eyes.

    Do SnoozeCovers ship outside of the US?

    We ship outside of the US via Amazon but they charge a fee variable with the country of the delivery. In order to see how much is the fee for your country, go on Amazon.com and add your delivery address to your order: Amazon will show a shipping fee in the checkout screen before you place your order.

    What are SnoozeCovers dimensions?

    SnoozeCovers have standard pillowcase size 26" x 20" and fit most pillows

    What's SnoozeCovers weight?

    7 Ounces or 200 Grams

    Is there a Return Policy?

    Yes we have 30 days return policy. We ship and fulfill via Amazon, so you get all the customer support and return policies from them. On top of it, we are always happy to chat with you, never hesitate to contact us via the Messenger plugin on our website (the floating blue dot at the bottom right of the page).

  • Leave your Feedback

    This is our first line of product, but we obviously can't wait to hear new ideas and make hundreds, actually thousands different versions of SnoozeCovers :)